Water: Plumbing materials in your home can be different than homes being build today. There are many such as…PEX, CPVC, PVC, HDPE, Copper, Brass, Galvanized and all are allowable by code.  What ever the existing materials are you can bet we can repair it. We carry in our trucks most standard repair parts so we can address the issue immediately.

Water Heaters: Natural gas water heater, propane water heater, electric water heater and/or tankless water heater? We can take care of them all, with our fully licensed, knowledgable and professional technicians we can replace and or repair your water heater. We are also a certified manufacture warranty repair company for most water heater brands.

Filtration Systems: Water softeners, saltless softners, multi-stage filtrations…make your water perfect and to suit your needs.

Toilets: Sometimes our best friends act up and they need repair and/or replacement. Toilets are basic fixtures but, they have variations and have multiple parts that can fail from standard to luxurious.  Everything from form fitting to fancy dancy…we have repaired them all.

Faucets: Simplicity, beauty and fuctionality.  Kitchen faucets, lavatory faucets, laundry faucets, mop sinks, specialty faucets, dishwashing sprayers…repair, replace and upgrading is our fortay.

Tubs and Showers: Repairs to exisiting or upgrading, remodeling your plumbing for the new.

Irrigation Systems & Hose Bibbs: Plants need that revitalizing water to grow, make sure your irrigation system is maintained year round for a long life.

Sewers & Drains: The best way to clear a drain is to mechanically remove the debris.  Harsh chemicals can bake on waste and build up hard layers of scale, back-ups aren’t fun and happen at the worst possible times.  We can clear back-ups, stoppages and clogs with our cabeling equipment. For reoccuring problems we recommend video camera inspect and line location to find and repair breaks, offsets and dips.  We can even install new clean-outs where none exist or replace existing ones.

Video Camera Inspection: We can see what is causing the back-ups, sewer line stoppages, branch line stoppages and breaks. We can locate where your line is, where it travels to and from and pin point areas where attention is needed. In addition, we can provide you and/or your designated person/company with a copy of the video or even an upload for your viewing convenience.

Natural and Propane Gas: Leaks can be dangerous…always have a professional handle these repairs.  Whether its repairing leaks, adding new lines or converting from propane to natural gas or vice versa we are your team.  All buried lines need to be up to code regarding depth and type of materials, we can replace existing yard lines, run new branch lines, upgrade or relocate as needed.

Slab Leak Detection: Water leaks can not only cause damage to your property, undetectable leaks can create high water bills, slab leaks are leaks located below the concrete foudation of your property. These lines can be located and traced while the leak can be pin-pointed for accurate repair without destroying your entire house in the process. We offer this service for both residential and commercial needs.