Service Upgrades: When your service is no longer sufficient for your needs or has reached an age where decay has made it dangerous, we can bring it up to code and install a larger amprage panel with more circuits. Service Panels, Service Disconnects and Meter Sockets all must be installed to the National Electrical Code, as well as, to the local utility standards. When upgrading or bringing a service up to code there are many things to remember, First your new service panel can act as a meter socket, service disconnect and main panel. Or you can have just the service disconnect and meter socket outside and upgrade the panel inside, as long as, its existing location meets code.

Outlets & Switches: Most outlets and switches will last you a long time however, there are outlets and switches which have lots of use and will wear out sooner. These are located in high traffic areas.  Other typical home outlets are 15-20 amp and are located through out. GFCI outlets will be found in garages, kitchen counter tops, bathrooms on the outside of the home, dryer outlets will be 240v and can rage on amprage depending on your dryer unit.  Also, specialty outlets and switches made for specific use and application…just ask.

Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans: When everything else is working properly but, the lights just won’t come on…give us a call… We’ll have our experienced team find out exactly whats going on.  Or if you’re ready for a quick facelift around the house nothing does that faster than changing up the lighting.  New outdoor fixtures, with security features, flood lights, wall sconces, under cabinet lights, light switches, dimmers, recessed can lights, pin lights, spot lights…you name it we can get it done.

New Circuits: When you’ve surpassed your existing capacity but need a little more, we can add an independant circuit.  When you need seperate power for any application we can help, new welder in the garage, shop outlets, outdoor charging station, landscape lights.