PLUMBING is a very vast field...everything from a leaky faucet to adding a whole new bathroom or remodeling your kitchen. Service and repair of all plumbing system issues from the pipes to the fixtures. Replacing faucets, water heaters, sinks, toilets or upgrading your existing. We are your go to for these and all plumbing needs. Check out our PLUMBING page for more examples of what we do.


ELECTRICAL is not as shocking as you think...electrical work is a knowledge based trade who experience level depends on the work at hand. For example with sufficient knowledge and respect of electricity someone can easily replace a light switch. However, when it is more complicated than that, please leave it to the pros we'll take care of it. Check out our ELECTRICAL page for more information on what we can do.


REMODELING? What does that really mean? Well, its a very all encompassing can mean anything from replacing fixtures, furniture, painting, drywall or even a full construction project. When we think of remodeling we think of taking some part of our existing home and changing it. Wheather the project is large or small we can handle it. Find out more on what we can do by vising our REMODELING page. Or contact us by clicking HERE!